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Innovation and Ingenuity for the future of mobility

Long-term Expertise
& Modern Engineering

Our Expertise

Thanks to our long-term expertise in NVH & vehicle dynamics, we are your partner for Comfort | Safety | Dynamics requirements.

The constant development of our technologies, processes, and production facilities makes us your strong engineering partner for tomorrow’s automotive applications. From initial advice on design up to series supplies of the completed assemblies, we accompany our customers with our innovative spirit, know-how, and competence of implementation. Numerous OEM’s and tier-1 customers worldwide trust in our expertise. Let us convince you, too!



Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping has developed into a firmly established part of modern product development. Rapid implementation of an idea or a concept – in only a few hours from the virtual model to the actual prototype – has revolutionized our strategy. The Vorwerk & Sohn Group have recently invested in various technologies of chipping and additive prototyping and have gained know-how accordingly. We save time, increase efficiency, and can reach targets even more quickly together with our customers!

CAE Tools

Computer-aided engineering has revolutionized the development process. The “white sheet of paper“ was replaced by highly efficient computers in order to render development processes quicker, more efficient, and more predictive. The Vorwerk & Sohn Group utilizes all common CAD tools to allow rapid and uncomplicated cooperation with our customers. In recent years, our engineers and CAE analysts have developed highly complex simulation scenarios optimizing our products in every respect. Our mission – the difference in NVH!

Modern test bay

The Vorwerk & Sohn Group keep their own testing facilities in order to verify the performance and durability of products. Our modern testing fields allow us to simulate and perform any common testing scenario for our customers. Constant expansion of our test bays and close cooperation between our testing engineers, development engineers, and customers resulting in continuous improvement of the performance and durability of our products. Our testing facilities are another realm of our strong expertise in warranting comfort | safety | dynamics of our products.

Engineering &
Material Development


Due to over 50 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of rubber-metal compound products the enhancement of our competences in the suspension component segment was the subsequent step to further optimize Comfort | Safety | Dynamics. The symbiosis of Vorwerk Autotec suspension bushings and Vorwerk Drivetec links and rods offer the perfect solution for our customers around the globe.


Extensive testing equipment is available to our Vorwerk & Sohn Group so that we are able to conduct any common test for our customers regarding physical and chemical release criteria. Continuous expansion of our testing fields and laboratories allows optimization of our product stability and durability even after completion of the developing process. In addition, we have long-standing and good relationships with well-known testing laboratories thus completing our possibilities of material testing. Vorwerk Drivetec develops and produces certified and verified products to improve Comfort | Safety | Dynamics.


Continuous development with a focus on weight saving and optimization of vehicle dynamics drive our engineering. We do not only develop materials or work on geometries we develop the entire process. State of the art simulation tools and longterm experience give our engineers the opportunity to find always new potentials in optimizing Comfort | Safety | Dynamics.



Assembly process

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Sheetmetal technology

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  • Renewable Energies
  • CO2 Neutrality

The value of a company is not only measured by how good the result is, but also by the way used to achieve this result. Because figures are not everything that matters if your company philosophy is to act fairly, responsibly and sustainably.

For us, appreciation of our employees and responsible handling of environment and resources have the same significance as healthy growth.

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